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Getting Started

Welcome aboard! First off, thanks for choosing Constellix to help you optimize and manage your traffic. We recommend going through the following tutorials to get your account set up and learn the basics of Constellix DNS.

#1 Add Your Domain

After your account is all set up, you can log into the Constellix DNS control panel and add your domain(s). There are a few different ways to add your domains:

If you want to transfer existing domains and configurations from another provider, we recommend that you use this flowchart to figure out which method is best for you.

For the quickest setup, we recommend the New Domain Wizard and use the scan function to automatically import your existing records.

#2 Add records

If you didn’t import or scan your records already, you can manually add them. In most cases, this would be an A or CNAME record that points to your web server. 

Learn more about DNS records

#3 Commit Your Changes

Once you’ve added all the necessary domains and records, you will want to commit your changes. This allows you to stage your changes (like deleting and adding records simultaneously) before moving them to production.

All changes made to configurations within the control panel must be committed before they are live on the Constellix DNS name servers.

#4 Update your registrar

This is the most important step! You need to tell you domain registrar (where you bought your domain name) that Constellix is now authoritative for your DNS hosting. Log into your registrar’s control panel and delegate your domain’s nameservers to Constellix.

Test Delegation

Before you move forward, make sure your domain is properly delegated to Constellix nameservers. You can use dig (command line tool) or our free web app Sonar Lite to check delegation.

#5 Take a Tour

Now that you’ve added your domains, let’s take a quick tour of Constellix DNS and learn about the different services we offer.