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Getting Started

Welcome aboard! First off, thanks for choosing Constellix to help you optimize and manage your traffic. We recommend going through the following tutorials to get your account set up and learn the basics of Constellix DNS.

Transferring to Constellix

Will you be transferring to Constellix from another provider? We offer 8 different ways to transfer depending on your provider and your needs.

Manually Add Your Domains

Let us guide you through the process of adding your domains to our name servers with the New Domain Wizard or you can Manually Upload your domains.

Commit Your Changes!

This is very important! Whenever you make a change in Constellix DNS, your changes are staged. This means you must commit your changes in order for them to be applied. Learn more here and how this can help you do some cool things here.

Take a Tour

Now that you’ve added your domains, let’s take a quick tour of Constellix DNS and learn about the different services we offer.