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Advanced DNS

Once you understand the basics of DNS management, it’s time to move on to Advanced DNS configurations. These services allow you to balance traffic loads across different servers, set up backup IP addresses, and route clients to the closest server. These tools can improve your site or app’s performance, decrease load times, and so much more!

Enhanced DNS Failover

Failover has been an industry staple for over a decade now. We revamped our Failover feature to respond to real-time monitoring metrics and integrated our Failover functionality with location-based routing features.

Integrate with Sonar

All Failover decisions are informed by real-time information from our Sonar monitoring beacon. As soon as an IP is offline or underperforming, DNS automatically moves your traffic over to your backup IP. Sonar then monitors your old IP and will failback your traffic when it becomes available.

Round Robin

Round Robin works by responding to DNS requests with not just one IP address, but with a list of IP addresses of several servers that host identical services.

GeoDNS Services

Deliver (or restrict) unique content to your end-users depending on their location, IP address, or connection type. Our GeoDNS services offer unmatched levels of granularity for a truly custom experience for every end-user.


Use our GeoIP engine to automatically calculate which servers are closest to your end-users for the fastest response.

GeoIP Filters

Take back control of your traffic with GeoFilters. You decide who can access your site and who can’t based on their location, IP address (IPv4 and IPv6), ASN (Autonomous System Network), or EDNS client subnet.

Global Traffic Director

GTD uses zone-based routing techniques to optimize and direct your domain’s traffic flow.

ITOS Pools

Do you have a group of IP addresses or locations that need to perform the same action? Create an ITOS pool with all of the IP’s or locations in it and apply rules or services to each pool. ITOS pools work with the following services:


When you use a template, you can apply your domain configurations to multiple records at once. You can either group your records while you’re creating a domain or at a later time.

Vanity DNS

Rebrand the Constellix name servers to your own name. Simply replace the root NS records and SOA record for your domain. This way your own domain name becomes the host name for your name servers, which map back to IP addresses of DNS Made Easy name servers.