Create a CNAME Record Pool

CNAME Record Pools are used to balance traffic across multiple hostnames. Traffic can be distributed based on weight or the performance of the systems in the pool. Weighted distribution is also called Round Robin (when the weights are even) and … Continued

Set up Vanity DNS

Vanity DNS is an optional configuration that allows you to rebrand Constellix name servers using your own domain name. The end result is that your own domain name becomes the host name for your name servers which map back to … Continued

Editing an existing Pool

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to edit existing Record Pools in Constellix DNS. We will be using A Record Pools as the example, however the same steps can also be applied to CNAME and AAAA record pools. 1. … Continued

Assign Vanity Name Servers to a Domain

1. Select Managed DNS from the side bar menu. Click on Domains. 2. Select your domain. Click on the Advanced Settings button and select Apply Vanity Name Server from the drop down menu. 3.  From the drop down menu, select the configuration you defined, Click Save. … Continued

Deleting an existing Pool

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to delete a Record Pool. We will be using A Record Pools as an example, however you can apply these steps to both CNAME and AAAA record pools. 1. Select Managed DNS in the sidebar … Continued

How to Setup DNS Failover

Failover records are very similar to regular DNS records, in that they point a domain to an IP address or hostname… but you can also specify a backup IP or hostname. The backup is only used if the primary is unavailable. Failover … Continued

Configure DNS Failover with a Template

Templates allow you to reuse records and configurations, like failover, across multiple domains. 1. In the sidebar menu click on Managed DNS, and then select Templates from the drop down menu. 2. Select the template you want to configure with … Continued

Weighted Round Robin

Weighted Round Robin allows you to distribute uneven amounts of traffic across your endpoints. This is great way to prioritize servers and resources in your network that have more capacity. You can also use weights to slowly roll out an … Continued

How to Setup Round Robin with Failover

You can combine DNS Failover with some of our load balancing features, like Round Robin. Round robin records contain multiple IP addresses or hostnames (depending on record type). Every time the record is queried, it will cycle through the endpoints, … Continued