Import DNS Records from a Template

Import Records 1. In the sidebar menu click Managed DNS and then select Domains 2. Select the Domain Name you would like to transfer. 3. Click on the Import Records button 4. Select Template from the “Import Records from” drop … Continued

Disable GTD for a Domain

1. Select Managed DNS in the sidebar menu, and click on Domains from the drop down list. 2. Select the domain you want to remove GTD from. 3. Click Advanced Settings  4. Select Disable Global Traffic Director  from the drop down menu.   5. You will be prompted … Continued

Edit DNS Records in a Template

What are templates How do templates work Edit a template What are Templates? Templates are designed to simplify the configuration of multiple domain names that share the exact same record set. This allows an administrator to define this record set … Continued

Configure GTD for a Domain

The Global Traffic Director (GTD) allows you to specify different zone files in five regions of the world. Querying clients in each region will resolve the domain name based on only that region’s zone file. This becomes useful if you have servers in … Continued