Pausing a Check

Pausing a check allows an administrator to indefinitely suspend polling of the target system by Sonar until the check is resumed. This checks the configuration of the check in place within the control panel.   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL … Continued

View Monitoring Alerts

The alerts in this table correspond to email notifications sent by Sonar. This is a full alert history that can be reviewed within the control panel independent of what contacts may have received what alerts. The alert conditions are as … Continued

Editing a Check

  USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE On the main dashboard, click the edit icon next to an existing check.   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Make any changes to the settings of the check   USER ACTION WHAT … Continued

Constellix Sonar Lite

The Constellix Sonar Lite Application allow you to run traceroute and DNS tests from any Constellix Sonar Monitoring location in the world. USER ACTION 1.  In the first box Enter Host Name, type in your host name (this is the website … Continued

Deleting a Check

Deleting a check permanently removes it from the Sonar control panel. Checks can also be paused temporarily.   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE On the main dashboard, click the delete icon next to an existing check.   USER ACTION … Continued

Sonar Lite Extension

In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to use the Sonar Lite Chrome extension to its full potential. Before you jump into the tutorials, take a minute to familiarize yourself with all the features it has to … Continued

Filtering Checks

In the event that many checks are set up, filtering tools may be needed for ease of management. Checks can be filtered by status, text, or volume.   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Here is a list of checks … Continued

What is a Traceroute?

Common questions: How many network hops to resolve this domain? How is this system connected to the Internet? A traceroute gives you a detailed log of all the network hops between your users (a monitoring node) and your target system. … Continued

Create Sonar Monitoring Checks

First, you want to log into the Constellix control panel through the Sonar application. If you are already logged into another Constellix application, use the menu button in the top left corner to switch to the Sonar application.  From the … Continued

What is a DNS Lookup?

Common questions: Did my DNS record change propagate / update? A DNS Lookup lets you check that your DNS record changes have propagated by checking the configurations from multiple public resolving nameservers and dozens of monitoring locations. See your records … Continued