Constellix Sonar Lite

The Constellix Sonar Lite Application allow you to run traceroute and DNS tests from any Constellix Sonar Monitoring location in the world. USER ACTION 1.  In the first box Enter Host Name, type in your host name (this is the website … Continued

Sonar Lite Extension

In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to use the Sonar Lite Chrome extension to its full potential. Before you jump into the tutorials, take a minute to familiarize yourself with all the features it has to … Continued

What is a Traceroute?

Common questions: How many network hops to resolve this domain? How is this system connected to the Internet? A traceroute gives you a detailed log of all the network hops between your users (a monitoring node) and your target system. … Continued

What is a DNS Lookup?

Common questions: Did my DNS record change propagate / update? A DNS Lookup lets you check that your DNS record changes have propagated by checking the configurations from multiple public resolving nameservers and dozens of monitoring locations. See your records … Continued

What is a DNS Trace?

Common questions: Is my domain delegated correctly? I just changed hosts, but my domain isn’t resolving. Why is my site saying DNS error? or DNS not resolved? DNS trace is an easy way to check domain delegation (what nameservers are … Continued

What is a TCP Check?

Common questions: Does my domain resolve over this port? How do I check connectivity over a specific port? How It Works Check domain connectivity over different network ports. Try It Yourself Example For example: check HTTPS (port 443) or a … Continued

What is a Web (HTTP / HTTPS) Check?

HTTP Check Common questions: Is my web server working? How fast is my web server responding? HTTP check, also known as a header check, monitors web server response times and status codes for a domain. Check your website’s status and … Continued

What is a WHOis Check?

Common questions: Who owns this domain? When does my domain registration expire? How long is my domain mine? When did I register my domain? Is my domain suspended? Use a WHOis lookup to find out the owner and contact information … Continued