You can now create contact lists that will receive email alerts when certain events occur in the billing application.

Contacts do not need to have a Constellix account. Just enter an email and add them to a group.

You can access this feature in the billing application. Use your Constellix login credentials. In the navigation menu, click Contact Lists.

How to Use Contact Lists:

1. Create a Group.

create billing contact group

2. Add desired Event(s) to the group.

Available events are:

  • Invoice for billing account generated
  • Credit issued to account
  • Discount assigned to account or removed from account
  • Final invoice for account-closing generated
  • Refund issued to account
  • Invoice for auto-billed account generated and payment collected
  • Invoice for auto-billed account generated but payment failed
  • Invoice for auto-billed account generated but payment deferred
  • Change to credit card information occurred
  • Payment on invoice past due

3. Create Contact(s).

create billing contact

4. Add Contact(s) to Group either through the Create/Edit Group modal.

contacts in group

Or through the Create/Edit Contact modal.

member of groups

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