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Create a AAAA Record Pool

Pools allow administrators to load balance traffic between multiple hosts as well as weight distribute that traffic between systems with different performance capabilities. AAAA Record pools are used to load balance traffic between IPv6 addresses.
Please note, the following example uses a hypothetical infrastructure scenario and should only be used as a guide.

1. Select Managed DNS in the sidebar menu, and then choose AAAA Record Pools from the drop down.

aaaa record pool

2. Click the Add New Pool button.

aaaa pool 2

3. Give the pool configuration an identifiable name. Designate the IPv6 addresses you want in the pool.

Num Return: enter the number of IP’s you want returned in the pool.

Min Available: enter the minimum number of IP’s that must be available in the pool.

Enter a weight, and if you have a Sonar Check enabled you can add it to the IP here. Additional IP’s can also be added to load balance traffic, just click the Add Another IP button. Click Save. 

aaaa pools 2

NOTE: IP’s can be enabled or disabled within the pool. Disabled IP addresses remain present in the configuration however are not active on the name servers.

aaaa pool 3

4. A record can be permanently deleted from a pool by clicking the delete_icon icon next to the IP.