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Create an IP Filter Rule

IP Filters allow you to configure fully granular country, state or subnet defined global traffic direction. Rules can be defined for different regions that can then be applied on a per record basis across multiple domains.

Please Note: IP Filter rules will supersede any Geo Proximity rules that are configured

1. In the sidebar menu click on Advanced and then select IP Filter from the drop-down menu.

ip filter 1

2. There will already be one filter available called “World”. This is the default IP filter. To create a new filter, click on the add ip filter button button.

add ip filter

3. You will then be prompted to create your IP Filter. Please follow the directions below:

A) Name: Enter an easily identifiable name for your filter. You will need this later when you use it with a domain.
B) Filter by: You can choose from any of the four options to create your filter: Location, ASN, IPv4 Address, or IPv6 Address.
C) Add: You can select more than one option, just make sure you click the add button button after each choice. Each filter you add will appear in the shaded box on the right.
D) Save: Once you have added all of your filters, click the Save button.

ip filter options

If you would like to remove a filter, just click the delete_icon button next to one you want to remove.