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DNS Failover with Sonar Integration

DNS Failover ensures 100% site availability by moving your traffic over to a backup IP address in the event that your primary IP is downed. You can integrate your Failover configurations with Constellix Sonar monitoring checks. That means when Sonar detects that your primary IP is offline (depending on a window you specify), it will automatically move your traffic over to your backup IP. Sonar will then monitor your primary IP and redirect traffic back when the primary IP is operational again.

1. You will first set up a check in Constellix Sonar. You can use Web Checks (HTTP and HTTPS), TCP Checks, and DNS Checks with the Failover Sonar Integration. Once you have logged into Sonar, you will click on the Add Check  button on the top right of the dashboard. Select the type of check you need.

add a check

2. Please refer to the individual tutorials for the check you want to configure:
Web Check
TCP Check
DNS Check

*** Please note: If you enter the FQDN when configuring a check, the check will not be available for this integration.

3.  Once you have created your check, then you can log into Constellix DNS. From the dashboard, go to the sidebar menu and click on the Managed tab, and then select Domains.

Managed DNS

4. Select the domain you want to add a Failover record to.

select domain (1)

5. Add a new record by clicking on the plus_icon icon under the record type you desire.

add a record

6. Enter the record information. Make sure you select the Failover Record Mode, and choose how you want your configuration to be prioritized, eg: “Normal (always lowest level), which is the default.

record mode type failover

7. Enter the IP addresses you want to include in your Failover configuration in the designated text boxes. Then in the drop down menu to the right of each IP, select the Sonar Check that corresponds with that IP address (you would have configured this in step one).

sonar failover check

8. Click Save, and don’t forget to commit your changes.