Import Records from Existing Domain

When you import records from an existing domain,  you can easily copy the full record set from an existing domain (configured in Constellix) to a new domain you have created in Constellix. Import Records 1. In the sidebar menu click Managed DNS and … Continued

Remove a Template from a Domain

Use this tutorial if you have already applied a template to a domain, but would like to remove it. This step is also necessary before deleting a template. 1. Select Managed DNS and click on Domain. 2. Select the domain you … Continued

Assign a Template to a Domain

What are templates How do templates work Assign a template What are Templates? Templates are designed to simplify the configuration of multiple domain names that share the exact same record set. This allows an administrator to define this record set … Continued

Assign Vanity Name Servers to a Domain

1. Select Managed DNS from the side bar menu. Click on Domains. 2. Select your domain. Click on the Advanced Settings button and select Apply Vanity Name Server from the drop down menu. 3.  From the drop down menu, select the configuration you defined, Click Save. … Continued