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Role-Based Contact Groups

What’s the point of an alert system if the wrong person is receiving the notification? The role-based contacts feature makes sure the right person is made aware of issues based on their specified role.

Having a network connectivity issue? Alert your network engineer. Has your homepage load time increased? Alert your web developer.

Each team member can be added to a specific group so that multiple individuals who are in a similar role or working on the same project can all be notified of the same incident report.

Shift Aware Notifications

Make sure the right person knows at the right time.

Set up rotating on-call schedules to distribute notification between team members based on their availability. Each team member can specify their shift hours and will only receive monitoring alerts during those specified times. Learn how

Alerts can be set to escalate to notify a higher-up contact if the primary contact does not respond.


  • Create and customize incident escalation
  • No unwarranted notifications when you’re off the clock
  • Shift times can be dynamically updated as needed

Scheduled Downtime

Sonar’s Scheduled Downtime gives you the ability to schedule known DOWN events. This will allow you to setup events so the service does not send out alerts during scheduled maintenance. You can schedule downtime on a daily, weekly, or monthly time frame..

Verified Notifications

Minor incidents can cause very short disruptions in connectivity. Being constantly alerted of these issues can detract from the importance of a major notification.

Alerts and actions are kept in a log, creating a real-time documentation of the incident as it unfolds. For example, you configure a check with a 30-second interval and set the delay notification to two minutes, Sonar will only notify you if the system is down continuously for two minutes. If the system is back up before the two-minute delay, no notification will be sent.