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System Checks

We know you have better things to do than double checking and triple checking your network or web performance. Let Sonar do the hard work for you. Our monitoring nodes can verify performance as soon as every two minutes and alert you of any changes before your clients notice.

Types of Checks

Web Check

HTTP or HTTPS checks to monitor domain availability and load times.

Waterfall Check

See exactly which assets and resources are effecting your page-load performance.

TCP Check

Verify the performance of a domain name (FQDN) or IP address from any location on a specific port.

Historical Traceroute

Compare traceroutes to quickly identify performance changes.

Instant Check

Run basic monitoring checks for free within the Constellix Sonar dashboard.

DNS Check

Check DNS connectivity for an FQDN.

Using Checks


Organize checks by a common value.


Remove unwanted checks.


Modify existing checks.


Stop a check (temporarily) from gathering data.

Monitoring Graphs

Learn how to analyze and share the graphs generated from Sonar checks.