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Wild Card Records

What are Wild Card Records?

Wildcard records allow an administrator to point all non-existent records within a domain to a single target host. Any record not explicitly defined in the domain name, will resolve to the target of the wild card record. It is important to note, a wild card record is not inclusive of the root record of the domain.

A wild card record can be defined as an A Record or a CNAME Record and have a * in the name field.


1. In the sidebar menu click Managed DNS and then select Domains

2. Select the Domain Name.

3. Under the A records section, click the plus_icon icon to add a record.
add a record

4. Enter * in the name field of the record and edit the default TTL if needed. Enter the IP address you want to point this wild card A record to. The notes section lets you add a helpful note about this record, if you wish. Click Save and Close.
wildcard record