NS Records

What are NS Records? NS Records indicate which name servers are authoritative for the domain. NS Records are used in the event that another external DNS provider will be used in conjunction with Constellix DNS. They can also be used … Continued

PTR Records

What are PTR (Pointer) Records? Pointer records are used to map a network interface (IP) to a hostname for a┬áreverse DNS configuration. PTR records are configured within reverse DNS domains (in-addr.arpa) domains. PTR Record Fields Reverse DNS Overview Before you … Continued

Wild Card Records

What are Wild Card Records? Wildcard records allow an administrator to point all non-existent records within a domain to a single target host. Any record not explicitly defined in the domain name, will resolve to the target of the wild … Continued

SOA Records

What are SOA (Start of Authority) Records? SOA (Start of Authority) records are used to determine how a DNS zone propagates to secondary name servers. An SOA record is created by default for each domain added into the Constellix DNS … Continued