HINFO Records

What are HINFO Records? HINFO records are system information records used to provide a definition of the hardware and operating system in use at a host. For security reasons, these records are rarely used on public servers. HINFO RECORD FIELDS … Continued

Add a Domain

Domain names can be added into Constellix DNS one at a time or multiple at once (please separate names with a comma, new line or space). Internationalized domain names should be added using Punycode. Video Tutorial ADD A DOMAIN 1.Select … Continued

Import Domains from Google DNS

Constellix is integrated with 4 major cloud providers to make transferring a breeze. You can also use this feature if you want to set up a Secondary DNS configuration between Constellix and one of the 4 cloud providers. 1. Steps … Continued

NAPTR Records

What are NAPTR Records? NAPTR records are Naming Authority Pointer records defined by RFC 3403. NAPTR records are used for SIP services as part of a mechanism for specifying transport instructions of SIP requests from source to destination which can … Continued

Committing Changes in Constellix DNS

Constellix DNS uses a system of manually committed changes before they are able to go into production. All changes made to configurations within the control panel must be committed (submitted) before they are live on the Constellix DNS name servers. This system … Continued


Coming soon! DNSSEC is a service that signs your domain at the root with a cryptographic key, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks. In the meantime, check out our Security Platform, we offer many solutions to protect your domains from attacks and exploits.

RP Records

What are RP (Responsible Person) Records? RP Records are referred to as “responsible person” records defined by RFC 1183. RP records include information about the mailbox name for the responsible person(s) for the domain. This mailbox name is then mapped to … Continued

New Domain Wizard

How to Use the Wizard Scan Existing Records Add Records and Add-Ons The New Domain Wizard was designed to guide users through the process of adding a domain to Constellix DNS name servers. The wizard also allows you to both import … Continued

Import DNS Records from a Template

Import Records 1. In the sidebar menu click Managed DNS and then select Domains 2. Select the Domain Name you would like to transfer. 3. Click on the Import Records button 4. Select Template from the “Import Records from” drop … Continued