Generating API credentials

Within your Constellix account, navigate to the ‘Management’ option. Click on your username. Finally, on the bottom of your information click on ‘Generate API Keys’

How to Register a Domain

We, at DNS Made Easy, are not a Domain Registrar, however our sister company, Domains Made Easy, is. They will be used as our example. Firstly, you want to go to your registrar’s website. On that site, you are going … Continued

Configure DNS Failover with a Template

Templates allow you to reuse records and configurations, like failover, across multiple domains. 1. In the sidebar menu click on Managed DNS, and then select Templates from the drop down menu. 2. Select the template you want to configure with … Continued

Adding Shifts to a Contact

Shifts allow administrators to specify notification windows or “on duty” time frames for contacts setup in Sonar.   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Select Monitor – Notification Contact menu from the top navigation Click “Add Schedule” next to a … Continued

Constellix Sonar Lite

The Constellix Sonar Lite Application allow you to run traceroute and DNS tests from any Constellix Sonar Monitoring location in the world. USER ACTION 1.  In the first box Enter Host Name, type in your host name (this is the website … Continued

Real-Time Statistics

What is RTS Terminology Legend Chart View Interacting with the Chart Tabular View What is RTS? Real-Time Stats (RTS) allow you to analyze your domain’s incoming query traffic in real time. Aggregate and/or filter query data by: Domain Resource Record Location … Continued

What is a GeoIP Check?

Common questions: Where is this IP? Where is this web server? GeoIP uses the MaxMind database to look up the current location of an IP address, down to the geographical coordinates of the nearest city. Try It Yourself

What are Delegated Nameservers?

Common questions: Who is my DNS provider? What are my nameservers? What is my DNS? Similar to the dig ns +short command, you can look up the nameservers that are authoritative for a domain or IP address. A quick way … Continued