Constellix DNS uses a system of manually committed changes before they are able to go into production. All changes made to configurations within the control panel must be committed (submitted) before they are live on the Constellix DNS name servers.

This system allows an administrator to make multiple changes at the same time before submitting them. For example, you can make Atomic Changes, which allow you to delete a record and add a new one to a domain without risking the availability of your domain. Commit Changes also allows any mistakes to be quickly rolled back without ever going into production.

Commit Changes

1. After you’ve made all of your changes, at the top of the control panel will be a blue box that will prompt you to apply your changes. Click the Click Here link.

commit changes

2. If you are happy with your changes, then press the Commit Changes button. You will be prompted to attach a note, this will be logged in your domain’s history. Click the Save button, and your changes will be instantly committed.

commit changes 2

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