If you’re coming from another provider, STOP!  Head over to the Transferring to Constellix tutorial to see which method is the best for you. Then come back and find the tutorial you need.

Otherwise, check out the tutorials below to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Domain management.

Manually Add Domains

You can manually upload a list of your domains to add them to the Constellix name servers here.

Domain Wizard

We provide a domain wizard that will auto-generate the records for your domain in our system.

(Note: the wizard will populate records based on a predefined library of commonly named records. If you have unique record names we recommend manually creating them or using another import method.)

Import Domains

We offer eight different ways to import your existing domains to Constellix. Check them out here.

Export Domains

Export your domains records to a file in JSON format.

Delete Domains

Remove domains from our name servers.