So you’ve made the decision to migrate from DNS Made Easy to our new product, Constellix. Great choice! Now let’s get you up and running.

You can migrate your domains and existing record configurations using your API keys, or a manual method such as IXFR/AXFR.

If you use the API method, your records, GTD configurations, templates, and domains will all be transferred. Failover settings do not transfer, so you will need to reconfigure those manually or programmatically using the API.

You must be a business member or higher to use the DNSME API. Small business members will have to transfer using a manual method. You can find tutorials for manual methods here.

Transfer with API Key

1. Steps 1-3 and 6 will take place in the DNS Made Easy control panel. First, log into the DNS Made Easy control panel. Access the Config menu and select the Account Information link.

dns made easy transfer to constellix

2. At the bottom of the page select the check box to Generate New API Credentials, click Save.

dns made easy transfer to constellix

3. Copy the generated API Key. Important! Keep this window open, because you will need to copy the Secret Key next.
4. Log into the Constellix control panel. In the left-hand menu select Configuration and then Third Party Import.

configuration third party import

5. Click the “plus” button next to the DNS Made Easy logo to expand the form. Paste your API Key into the API Key field.

dns made easy transfer to constellix

6. Go back to the DNS Made Easy control panel and copy the Secret Key.

7. In the Constellix control panel, paste the Secret Key in the Secret Key field.

dns made easy transfer to constellix

8. Click the Continue button at the bottom of the page. You will now be prompted to select the domains you want to import.

9. You will now need to notify your registrar that you have changed nameservers. You will need to complete this step through your registrar’s control panel (this is the company you purchased your domain from).

10. We recommend that you leave your DNS Made Easy configurations in place for about 3 days following that nameserver change. After three days, it will be safe to terminate your DNS Made Easy account.

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