Regional Failover

Regional failover allows you to specify a backup system in the same or a neighboring region that will handle traffic in the event that the primary system fails.  It’s easy and absolutely necessary to have failover configured, no matter what location-based routing … Continued

Delete a Geo Proximity Rule

What is Geo Proximity? The Geo Proximity feature allows system administrators to specify either the location, or the longitude & latitude of their hosted servers. The powerful Constellix GeoIP engine will automatically calculate which server is closest to the end … Continued

Update an IP Filter Rule

With most configurations, your changes will only apply to the record or domain you are modifying. However, IP Filters can be applied to multiple domains. That means any changes you make to an existing and applied IP Filter will propagate to all … Continued

Delete an IP Filter Rule

Please note, you must remove the filter you want to delete from any domains currently using that filter rule. 1. In the side-bar menu click on the Managed tab, then select Domains. 2. Select the domain you want to remove the IP Filter from. … Continued

View a list of Sonar Probes

  USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Select the System – Probes menu from the top navigation   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE View a list of all associated monitoring nodes, their host names, IP’s, and corresponding regions.   … Continued