DNS Analytics

DNS Analytics offers unparalleled visibility into your domains and query usage. Find out where queries are coming from, watch them hit your nameservers in real time, and troubleshoot network issues like never before. We are going to give you a guided tour … Continued

Sonar Monitoring

We’ve segmented our services into four categories based on the different tasks sys admins are faced with: Identify, Analyze, Alert, and Troubleshoot. Together, these services form the most advanced and efficient network-monitoring platform. Identify Monitoring Checks Available checks: web check, … Continued

Contact Lists

You can now create contact lists that will receive email alerts when certain events occur in the billing application. Contacts do not need to have a Constellix account. Just enter an email and add them to a group. You can … Continued

Create Sonar Monitoring Checks

First, you want to log into the Constellix control panel through the Sonar application. If you are already logged into another Constellix application, use the menu button in the top left corner to switch to the Sonar application.  From the … Continued

Sonar Lite Extension

In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to use the Sonar Lite Chrome extension to its full potential. Before you jump into the tutorials, take a minute to familiarize yourself with all the features it has to … Continued

Add a TCP Check

  USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Select the “Add Checks” drop down menu on the right   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Select the “TCP Check” option   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE On the Basic tab, … Continued