Optimize Your Website with DNS

Optimization So far, we’ve only discussed basic website setup using DNS, but DNS does so much more than simply tell users how to reach your site. The system has evolved to become an optimization tool to decrease load times, deliver … Continued

Disabling a Record

Records can be disabled in Constellix DNS if you want to remove them from the name servers without removing the record configuration in the Constellix DNS control panel. A disabled record will remain in the control panel with full configuration … Continued

Delete a Notification Group

USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Select Monitor – Notification Group menu from the top navigation   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Click “Edit” next to a Notification Group   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Click on “Delete”


Your time is valuable, so why waste it? We designed Templates to cut down on the time it takes to configure large groups of domains. Create a template of records and rules (like GeoDNS or Failover) and apply it to multiple … Continued

Vanity DNS

Vanity DNS is an optional configuration that allows you to rebrand Constellix name servers using your own domain name. The end result is that your own domain name becomes the hostname for your nameservers which map back to the IP … Continued

What is DNS?

The DNS, or the Domain Name System, maps domain names to IP addresses and is the glue that holds our modern Internet together. A Brief History of the DNS Thirty years ago, when the Internet was still in its infancy when … Continued

Adding Shifts to a Contact

Shifts allow administrators to specify notification windows or “on duty” time frames for contacts setup in Sonar.   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Select Monitor – Notification Contact menu from the top navigation Click “Add Schedule” next to a … Continued

Constellix Sonar Lite

The Constellix Sonar Lite Application allow you to run traceroute and DNS tests from any Constellix Sonar Monitoring location in the world. USER ACTION 1.  In the first box Enter Host Name, type in your host name (this is the website … Continued


Reduce load times with localized responses Our GeoIP engine automatically points your users to the closest servers in your network. GeoProximity targeting let’s you hone in on users from as broad as regional, to as granular as city level lookups! … Continued