Editing Shifts for a Contact

  USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Select Monitor – Notification Contact menu from the top navigation Click “Edit” next to a scheduled day and time you would like to update for this contact. Modify scheduled “off duty” times for … Continued

Pausing a Check

Pausing a check allows an administrator to indefinitely suspend polling of the target system by Sonar until the check is resumed. This checks the configuration of the check in place within the control panel.   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL … Continued

Editing a Check

  USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE On the main dashboard, click the edit icon next to an existing check.   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Make any changes to the settings of the check   USER ACTION WHAT … Continued

IP Filters

Create unique routing rules based on users’ location or network IP Filters are rules you can apply your records. If a user meets the requirement(s) of the filter, they will be answered with that record. Otherwise, they will be answered … Continued

Add a Domain

Domain names can be added into Constellix DNS one at a time or multiple at once (please separate names with a comma, new line or space). Internationalized domain names should be added using Punycode. Video Tutorial ADD A DOMAIN 1.Select … Continued

Deleting a Check

Deleting a check permanently removes it from the Sonar control panel. Checks can also be paused temporarily.   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE On the main dashboard, click the delete icon next to an existing check.   USER ACTION … Continued

Global Traffic Director

Regional Traffic Steering GTD uses region-specific rules to answer queries in the originating region. GTD, also known as geo-load balancing, is used to optimize traffic flow and query resolution accuracy. US East US West Europe Asia-Pac Oceania Tutorials Configure GTD … Continued

Delete a Domain

1. In the sidebar menu click Managed DNS and then select Domains 2. Select the check box next to the Domain Name you would like to delete. 3. Click the Advanced Options button and then click Delete Domains from the drop down menu. 4. Confirm … Continued

Filtering Checks

In the event that many checks are set up, filtering tools may be needed for ease of management. Checks can be filtered by status, text, or volume.   USER ACTION WHAT YOU WILL SEE Here is a list of checks … Continued

Load Balancing

Load balancing at the DNS level is a service that distributes your query traffic across multiple endpoints (IP addresses or hostnames). Load balancing is commonly used to balance traffic across redundant systems, like web or application servers. So if one server … Continued