CDN Services

This feature is currently in beta and will eventually be used in tandem with our Traffic Steering service. For now, you can use our CDN service to automatically load balance multiple CDN providers.  You will need the API keys and … Continued

Secondary DNS

Constellix only offers Secondary DNS through API integrations with Google Cloud DNS, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Route 53. If you require Secondary DNS with another provider, or a Master/Slave configuration, we recommend using our other product DNS Made Easy. How to … Continued

Transferring to Constellix

Overview Import Records Manually Add Overview There are 8 different ways to move your domains and records over to Constellix. We’re going to break them down into two different categories, to help you determine which method is best for you. First, … Continued

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Managed DNS Getting Started Transferring to Constellix Domains Add Domains New Domain Wizard Add a Domain Import Domains Import DNS Records through AXFR Transfer Import DNS Records from a Zone File Import DNS Records from a Template Import DNS Records … Continued

Introduction to the Management Console

Welcome to the Constellix Management Console (CMC). Through this portal, you will be able to manage your account information, API keys, multi-factor authentication, and user permissions. Before you begin these tutorials, please make sure that you have either already created … Continued