Managed DNS

Give your business an Enterprise quality network with all the robust features, without the enterprise price tag. Use our intuitive web-based control panel or mobile app to setup your configurations and we’ll do the rest. Getting Started Introductory tutorials to … Continued

Disabling a Record

Records can be disabled in Constellix DNS if you want to remove them from the name servers without removing the record configuration in the Constellix DNS control panel. A disabled record will remain in the control panel with full configuration … Continued

Transferring to Constellix

Overview Import Records Manually Add Overview There are 8 different ways to move your domains and records over to Constellix. We’re going to break them down into two different categories, to help you determine which method is best for you. First, … Continued

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Managed DNS Getting Started Transferring to Constellix Domains Add Domains New Domain Wizard Add a Domain Import Domains Import DNS Records through AXFR Transfer Import DNS Records from a Zone File Import DNS Records from a Template Import DNS Records … Continued

Import Records from Existing Domain

When you import records from an existing domain,  you can easily copy the full record set from an existing domain (configured in Constellix) to a new domain you have created in Constellix. Import Records 1. In the sidebar menu click Managed DNS and … Continued