Constellix only offers Secondary DNS through API integrations with Google Cloud DNS, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Route 53.

If you require Secondary DNS with another provider, or a Master/Slave configuration, we recommend using our other product DNS Made Easy.

How to Configure

  1. Setup API integration and import zone files
  2. Update NS records for both providers
  3. Update nameservers at domain registrar

#1 API Integration

Please refer to these tutorials to learn how to setup API integrations with your chosen provider:

The API integration will keep your record configurations in sync between both providers. However, you are limited to only using services that are offered by both providers. For example, you cannot use some GeoDNS features with Secondary DNS since most providers do not offer an equivalent service. 

#2 NS Records

Just like when you change DNS providers, you will need to add the appropriate NS (nameserver) records with a list of both nameserver sets at each provider.

#3 Update Registrar

You will also need to update your domain registrar with the nameservers of both providers. 

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