We’ve segmented our services into four categories based on the different tasks sys admins are faced with: Identify, Analyze, Alert, and Troubleshoot. Together, these services form the most advanced and efficient network-monitoring platform.


Monitoring Checks

Available checks: web check, waterfall check, TCP check, historical traceroute, and instant check.


Real-User Monitoring

See from your clients’ point of view and create unique routing solutions to improve their performance.



All Sonar Checks are integrated with our notifications system. As soon as Sonar detects a performance change in one of your domains, you will be alerted immediately.

Contacts and Groups

Create contact lists for alert recipients based on roles and shifts.


Sonar Lite Mobile App

Troubleshoot network performance issues from your smartphone with our free mobile app for Android and iOS.

Sonar Lite Chrome Extension

Test your web performance and troubleshoot connectivity issues directly from your browser.