Once you have created a Geo Filter Rule, you can apply it to one or many records/domains

Important: Before you apply an IP Filter to a record, you must create a record of the same type that will be used to answer queries that don’t match your filter. Apply the World/Default IP Filter to that record. 

1. In the sidebar, click on Managed DNS and then select Domains.

Managed DNS

2. Select the domain you want to add an IP Filter to.

select domain (1)

3. Make sure GeoIP Services are enabled. Click the Advanced Settings button and select Enable GeoIP Services from the drop down menu.

enable geoip

4. Please note, you must have one record with the IP Filter for “World (Default)”. This is the default filter which will only be used if no matching Filter of Proximity records are found. You can set this up by following the next few steps, just select “World (Default)” as the filter. Then you can add your other Filters.

ip filter error message

4.  Edit the record you want to add an IP Filter to by selecting the check box to the left of the record and then click the edit button.

edit record

5. Under the IP Filter section, click the drop-down menu and choose the Filter you want to apply to the record.

apply ip filter

6. If you want only the traffic in the filter to access your domain, then go ahead and click Save. 

7. If you want to exclude the traffic specified in the filter, then check the box that says Drop Query for Selected IP Filter. Then click Save and Close. Don’t forget to commit your changes.

drop traffic

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