Before you begin this tutorial, please make sure you have already created a GeoProximity rule.

1. In the sidebar menu click Managed and then select Domains.

Managed DNS

2. Select the domain you want to add a GeoProximity rule to.

select domain (1)

3. Make sure you have enabled GeoIP services. You can do so by clicking on the Advanced Settings button. Select Enable GeoIP Services from the drop-down menu.

enable geoip services

4. Check the box next to the record you want to edit and then click the edit_icon icon.

edit record (1)

5. Please note: If you have any GeoFilters enabled for this record, you will not be able to add a GeoProximity rule. To add your GeoProximity rule, click the drop-down menu in the GeoProximity section and select the rule you want. Click Save and Close and don’t forget to commit your changes.

geoproximity configure

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